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Men’s Clinic of Nashville

Men’s Clinic of Nashville was founded on a simple set of ideas. Take care of men’s issues in an environment designed specifically for a man’s comfort and consideration. Focus on providing restorative and performance based medical treatment. Combine experience with the latest medical advancements in men‘s sexual health. Problem solving is what we do, and it’s what we are good at. Treat patients as individuals; we don’t believe in one size fits all programs. With 40 years of experience in sexual health, you can rest assured you’ve found the right men’s clinic.

While other men’s clinics tend to make a joke about these issues, we take a more professional approach. When it comes to sexual performance, low testosterone, and other men’s issues; we believe that respect for our patients is paramount. Men already battle a society attempting to shame and guilt them for these issues. At Men’s Clinic of Nashville, we have worked hard to create an environment you’ll feel comfort resolving these issues.

We also believe a person should practice what they preach. The owners, doctors and staff, utilize the very same therapies our patients do. We have had the opportunity to have our own lives changed by these very same therapies. It has become a passion of ours to create positive change and growth in the lives of our patients.

What therapies does Men’s Clinic of Nashville offer? Traditional testosterone therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), Wave Therapy, erectile dysfunction medications, and premature ejaculation medications/therapies.

Traditional testosterone therapy is made up of specially compounded testosterone cypioate in grape-seed oil. We have our testosterone compounded this way to maximize absorption. Patients undergo a comprehensive consultation that includes bloodwork. One of our Physcians will then work with you to customize a weekly plan, inclusive of testosterone injections.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is exactly that; its biologically identical hormones, mirroring what our bodies produce naturally. This comes in the form of specially compounded pellets, smaller in size than a tic-tac. This therapy lasts between 3-6 months. Patients report feeling more energetic, better sleep, waking up feeling rested, focus throughout the day, fuller/firmer erections, increased sex drive, and feelings of happiness. This is the very best hormone replacement treatment available today.

PRP (platelet rich plasma), is the cutting edge procedure that utilizes platelet rich plasma for regenerative cellular growth. PRP can increase penile girth and length by up to 20%.

Wave therapy uses sound waves to help enhance blood flow, encourage tissue and vascular growth.

Erectile dysfunction medications are compounded for both daily and episodic use. We prescribe and dispense for patients right here in the office. In addition to ED medications, we have formulations and therapies for premature ejaculation.

For all our compounding needs, we have partnered with the top compounding pharmacy in the country. All patients receive customized programs, with specific compounding for individualized success. We believe in customizing each approach, rather than a one size fits all approach.

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