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D&D Connections


D&D Connections is the brain child and passion of Darryl and Dawn Mickens, who truly believe that life is enhanced by the connections we make.

Networking has always been a major focus in the Mickens household, and human nature moves us to do business with people we know and trust.

The vision of D&D Connections is to bring as many of those needs for connection under one banner. Whether you are looking for someone to officiate a destination wedding in America’s #1 wedding capital, seeking to enhance your life in the area of health and wellness, looking to create a personal game plan to protect your family and assets financially, or even seeking to create you own path to building generational wealth.

D&D brings you all of this and more in one convenient location through people you can count on to have your best interest at heart.

~D&D Connections

Darryl Mickens 678-923-7400


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