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A Boutique Hotel

The Inn at 87 is the smart alternative, your Hotel fantasy come true!

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PERFECT location

The Inn at 87 is the perfect place for the business traveler or the leisurely voyager. Ideally located on the outskirts of Port-of-Spain’s vibrant business district and within walking distance of its buzzing night life, you are near to everywhere you need to be.

Restaurants, Night Clubs, Embassies, Historical Buildings, Churches, Cricket, Carnival, Museum, Botanical Gardens, Medical Centres, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Beauty Parlours, Shopping Malls.


It’s your chance to live like a King without paying a King’s ransom; it’s every traveler’s dream come TRUE!

RATES from US 90, inclusive of breakfast and WIRELESS INTERNET

PERFECT ambiance

Have breakfast in the great room under the high ceilings of this typical Gingerbread House, a highlight of Trinidad’s historic colonial architecture, and delight in the unique character of each tastefully decorated room.

Revel in the original works by Caribbean artists that surround you in the great room, and linger over the vivid reproductions of famous landmarks along the main corridor.

PERFECT hospitality

Our helpful and friendly staff are on hand around the clock to serve you with good old Caribbean cheer. The staff can help you plan your itinerary, advise you on where to shop and sight see; arrange your tours, make you feel comfy and right at home.

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